Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Ariano Irpino

We love our city!

Ariano Irpino with its 23.505 inhabitants (called Arianesi) and its surface of 185,5 square kilometers lies in the midst of three hills, St. Bartholomew, Calvary and the Castle's hill (that's way it is often called "il Tricolle"), right at the natural passages that run from the southern Appenines into the Adriatic.

It belongs to the province of Avellino from which is 55 kilometers far but travelling from Ariano, Apulia too is quite easy to reach. 

The story of this small city is really ancient: it was settled in the Neolithic period (700 BC) then a Samnites tribe of warriors, called Hirpini, founded Aequum Tuticum, a site that in the Roman era became an important crossroad between Via Traiana and Via Herculeia.

The decline of Aequum Tuticum meant a transformation of Ariano in a city perched on the top of  three hills, on a strategic and defensive position against the barbarian invasion. There, on the three hills, Ariano became a fortified Lombards city  and around 1000 AC the Norman Castle was built to defend its ihhabitants. 

Aequum Tuticum

Norman Castle

During the Norman period Ariano was one of the most strategic center of the South Italy. In 1255 it was destroyed  by Manfredi of Hohenstaufen and rebuilt by Charles d'Anjou. In the fifteenth century the city was entrusted first to Francesco Sforza and then to the Duke of Gonzaga. 

With the Spanish family it rebelled against feudal regime and became Città Regia dependent directly on the Viceré of  Kingdom of the two Sicilies. Because of the earthquake 1732 most of the building in Ariano were destroyed and only during the reign of Charles III of Bourbon the city was rebuilt. Significant was the reconstruction of the Regia's road, the street that linked Campania with Apulia.

Ariano Irpino was largely destroyed by the 1980 Irpinia earthequake: most of the damage was in the Ariano Iprino- Melfi area of Avellino, potenza and Foggia Provinces.

Today Ariano is a big and important commercial city in the heart of Irpinia. Rich of culture, history, art, food&wine tradition, it's worth a visit!

We recommend to visit:

  • Cathedral in Piazza Duomo
  • Norman Castle
  • Public garden (Villa Comunale)
  • Treasury of the Cathedral
  • Museum of majolica
  • Carpini fountains

When to visit Ariano

The best time to visit our city is during the summer, especially in August when it takes place: 

More about news & events on www.cittadiariano.it

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